Teens Beginnner Course - Adventure Exposure Program

We bring students outdoors to learn about planning and team work as part of the lesson topic covered during their course with us.

Discussion on Fund Raising Project for a Charity

We constantly engage our students from Youths Course to think and plan for events, simulating their organisational ability and leadership skills

Teens Confidence Building Program

What better ways to build confidence in teenagers than to challenge them in activities to conquer their fears of heights and water

Youths Course Life Skills Achievement

At Eleazar Practical Education, we challenge our students to achieve what they set for themselves in their goals and targets

Social Skills Discussion through Case Study

We give real life stories and examples for case study to understand more about key topics which we want to address, most importantly, it is done in a FUN way



We are now open for registration of our Life Skills Courses in March 2015!

Course Details:

18 to 19 March (Wed to Thur) 2015

Topics covered:

Social Skills Effectiveness, Public Speaking Skills, Character & Self-Confidence Development.

Age Group: Students aged 7 years old to 12 years old

Course Fee: $250 per student [inclusive of course materials & lunch]

Course programme will include:

Hands-on activities, outdoor learning programme and interaction with peers of similar age.

Drop us an enquiry at the contact form, or email us at enrichment@eleazareducation.com to register for the life skills course!

At Eleazar Practical Education, we successfully developed an education programme that focuses on both academic and life skills enrichment for our students. Our vision is to provide a holistic education for our students to excel academically as well as in areas of personal effectiveness. As such, our courses are structured to achieve this important balance for our students.

Key Focus 1 : Academic Excellence

Learning and applying various study skills and techniques to achieve good academic knowledge.

Key Focus 2: Personal Effectiveness

Developing students in areas of character development, social interaction and public speaking skills, leadership etc.

Achievable outcomes from our Practical Education Programme:

  • More confident individuals with good character values and social skills;
  • Ability to work well in teams and lead their peers;
  • Knowledge of critical thinking techniques which are essential for their academic studies.

At Eleazar Practical Education, we believe that both the academic and life skills enrichment are equally important for our students. We spend more time and effort exposing our next generation to the important elements of life skills and personal effectiveness which are commonly neglected by parents and schools. Our niche area is providing personal life development growth for students as young as 8 years old, up to 21 years old.



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