Eleazar Practical Education is run by like-minded young adults, who have worked in the corporate world for a number of years. One of their main owner is a multiple business owner and has been travelling extensively around the world. Therefore, he understands what it takes to survive and triumph in the outside world. With Singapore being a modern well-developed city, we tend to take many things for granted as more often than not, things are served to us on a silver platter. Despite having a world-class education system where academic knowledge is strongly emphasized, we recognized that there are still many things schools don’t teach and textbooks won’t tell. Hence, we believe in providing enrichment classes to better equip the younger generation with essential skills and knowledge of what to expect and do well when they eventually step out of school, into the working world.

We have done extensive research, talking to school teachers, parents and even youths themselves. It is evident that the academic focus covered in schools is not enough to nurture one to be an excellent and successful individual in life. Therefore, the we champion programs that are specially designed for individuals from the age of 8 to 21 years old, to enable one to learn and enhance their practical knowledge about social skills, character development, leadership, entrepreneurship and many others.