Don’t Judge A Hand Sanitizer by Its Smell

Washing your hands more often will help minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said. The CDC has also recommended the use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol if water and soap are unavailable.

People have stockpiled popular brands of hand sanitizers. Stores and other grocery stores have experienced a low supply of these products. As a result, people have ordered hand sanitizers online. Due to the high demand, several hand sanitiser singapore supplier have taken this opportunity to create their hand sanitizer products.

Upon opening the bottle, you might get confused about the weird smell of hand sanitizers. Others have reported that their hand sanitizers smell like rotten garbage. Are you wondering why most hand sanitizers smell awful nowadays? Read on to find out the reason behind this sudden change.

Why do hand sanitizers have a foul smell?
The awful smell comes from the natural ethanol by-product that is made from sugar cane, corn, and other organic materials.

The hand sanitizers stink because the new distillers produce and use denatured ethanol. This ethanol is cheaper than filtered ethanol that undergoes the process of carbon filtration. This process gets rid of most contaminants and other stenches.

This isn’t the only reason why hand sanitizers smell awful.

Denatured ethanol is purposely polluted with an uninviting combination of chemicals such as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methanol, and denatonium to make it undrinkable.

In short, the main ingredient is created with a foul odor intentionally.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration released an alert for some hand sanitizers that have tested positive for methanol that can be harmful to the body.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there might be one silver lining to the unexpectedly smelly sanitizer that everybody seems to disinfect their hands with.

The stench is a strong message of action to keep your hands away from your face. The bad smell can discourage you from putting your hands near your face. Several health experts have advised the public to avoid touching their faces to protect themselves from contamination.

Should you make hand sanitizers yourself?
If you’re planning to make your DIY hand sanitizers, think again.

Although there’s plenty of information on the web about making hand sanitizers, experts discourage the creation of these products yourself.

Most guidelines about handmade hand sanitizers are quite difficult to follow. Many ingredients are tough to find and some of them are flammable as well.

According to experts, manufacturers spend tons of time and resources to confirm the effectiveness of their products. If you make your hand sanitizers, how can you determine if it works or not?
If you want to buy a hand sanitizer that smells good, your best option is to have a sniff test before buying.

Remember that frequent hand washing should be part of your daily routine. It’s essential to have hand sanitizers. They have an important role in the fight against contagious viruses. These products may smell awful but they are effective in eliminating germs. Besides, their foul smell might have a silver lining after all.