How To Develop Practical Education

In order to infuse practical education, educators need to develop students in life skills which will enable them to excel both academically as well as in areas of personal effectiveness. With a focus on aptitude and attitude development, students will be able to apply positive character values, social/ communication and leadership skills naturally, in turn allowing them to shine in the school environment.

Educators must conduct the courses both in and outside of the classrooms, to allow students to experience learning in different environments. In addition, they can conduct workshop-themed courses, skills training and activities, to cover a wide range of topics for students.

Some of the topics that educators can consider in practical education include;

  • Character development and family values,
  • Social skills and interactions,
  • Life Directions,
  • Leadership and teamwork,
  • Adventure exposure,
  • Entrepreneurship and Career Planning

Where possible, students should be divided by their age groups into various course categories, and within that, different levels in it. From each category, educators can then identify the key practical topics which these students need to learn at that juncture in life. These topics (some as shown above) are further put into a pie chart to be decided on which ones are more important and hence the emphasis on these topics during the entire duration of the course. Not only that, educators can also fine-tune and tweak each course’s syllabus slightly as they observe the dynamics and profile of the students who registered for it.

And not withstanding, education centres can also limit their in-take for each class so that they can have a healthy “trainer to students ratio” and thus, allow them to give closer attention and mentoring to these students. There should be plenty of sharing, experimental work, outdoor exposure and public speaking opportunities during the course. At the end of it, you might just be amazed by what these students could take back with them with regards to precious practical life lessons and skills.