The Importance Of Dreaming Big About Learning

I want you to dream big about learning. Truly dream big about learning. Ask yourself, What would you love and want to learn in your life? What is the learning reality that you want to move into?

For example let’s say you have the passion to design funny t shirts for men, women and children, but don’t know how to do so. Then you should go look at popular funny t shirt sites like for inspiration, find a teacher or mentor who can help you, and enrol in courses that will guide you in being the best designer for funny t shirts and more.

If you’re already somewhat a good, comfortable or adequate learner, then this step can still apply to you if you’re after a particular learning goal. Instead of asking what you want to learn, ask yourself what would be the most important thing you would love to learn, or the best result that you want to achieve from learning it, and what is it about learning that you want to experience next.

It is crucial that you be absolutely clear about what it is that you want to truly learn. At this point, you might want to take out your writing materials (pen, paper or notebook). Write in vivid, descriptive terms, using words that describe what your 6 senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell and intuition or feeling) are experiencing, the ideal kind of learning situation that you want to experience, with the new level of knowledge and intelligence that you desire.

Be specific, determine how much knowledge you want to absorb, your desired level of intelligence and whether you want to learn about something you are passionate about. In addition, determine why you love and want to learn this, and how would you feel if the things that you love and want to learn come true.

On top of that, describe in writing everything that you will experience with the kind of intelligence and creativity that you desire. Write down exactly what your new level of intelligence is going to be like, the kind of new knowledge you will be absorbing, and the kind of creative juices you want to have.

Always take note that the level of knowledge and intelligence you desire equals the level of knowledge and intelligence you deserve. And the level of knowledge and intelligence you feel you deserve equals the level of knowledge and intelligence you will get!

Wow that’s kind of a mouthful. But it’s true. Seldom, rarely, if ever, do you find a genius or a successful achiever who, in his or her journey to be successful, continues to feel, think and behave as if he or she does not deserve more knowledge, intelligence and success in his or her life.

Feeling undeserving is never compatible with the ability to attract or create knowledge and intelligence. This also applies to almost every area of life. Life works in a precise, scientific way. If you behave in certain precise ways, you will get definite results. But before you are able to behave in such ways, you need to know how, and before you can know how, you must already feel that you are deserving of those results that you seek, otherwise, even if you put in your sincerest efforts to act in certain ways to get definite results, you might subconsciously sabotage yourself or your efforts.