Why the Need for Practical Learning?

Education is the key to developing our younger generation today and we want to see a generation of young leaders who are built-up to be capable, resilient and faithful. Although it is necessary to gain knowledge by being ‘books-smart’ or ‘exams-savvy’, it is also essential to inculcate good character values, self awareness and social effectiveness in the younger generation.

We believe that our younger generation should receive an all-rounded education, both in book knowledge and practical skills which will enable them to excel in the societal environment and achieve personal success and growth. Achieving good grades and getting distinctions is NOT the only way to success. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs do not hold multiple degrees or Masters, or have the best grades in school before they start their business. It takes a lot more than just academic education to do. We need to identify the traits needed and focus on such training to make our graduates, not just “study-smart” but also “street-smart” and cope well in the outside world in future.

In addition, practical education is way more interactive than theoretical. As such, we should not focus on teaching or tuition but do it through topical sharing, skills training, role-playing and team building activities to ensure the involvement of students to create a deeper impact in their learning and understanding process.

Here are 3 reasons why practical education is as important, if not more important than theoretical education:

  • Knowledge retains in the mind because the learning experience is more effective than forced-memorization
  • Significant improvement in students’ understanding abilities through practical applications and situations
  • Balance of IQ and EQ is necessary in achieving personal success

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